The sink and faucet

Okay friends, we're back today with a little extra info on our sink installation and faucet purchase.

When we bought the camper the sink bowl was actually in great condition!  But the faucet was broken and the drain, drain plug, and tubes were in need of replacement.  Big time!  So as soon as we decided to replace the counters the discussion was on for a new faucet since now we had the option of moving the hole.

I'm not a big fan of these pump faucets.  First, the chances of us using the water storage and needing the pump are very slim.  We prefer campgrounds with water hookups.  Second, the water storage takes up valuable storage space for other things. Third, the low profile is awful for washing anything bigger than a spoon.  Fourth, I honestly don't like how it looks.

When researching alternatives to the pump, I had a crazy thought.  When I was growing up, my grandma always had one of those tiny water faucets at her sink for your drinking water. And the more I thought about it, the more I wondered if that was our solution?  I threw the idea at Jason and after some thought about flow and such we decided to give it a try.  

We purchased the Glacier Bay Drinking Water Faucet for $35 at Home Depot.  It is 7" tall and 3/8" thick.  The water flow is adjustable and the connections fit with exactly what we needed.

We also decided to move the faucet placement over to the left to give more counter space and line it up with the drain.  After that, installation into the new counter tops was easy.  We used the old counter as a template.  Plumbers putty and the original mounting hardware secured the sink and the faucet was simple to install.

Along with the new faucet we also replaced the drain, drain plug and hoses that were in definitely in need of updating.

So the final verdict?  We are more than happy to report the faucet works AMAZINGLY!!  I couldn't be any happier with our decision.  It is so much easier to wash dishes!  When we're at campgrounds without water hookups we just revert back to our tent camping ways and I don't even miss a thing.  This was a great decision.

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