Updating the flooring in our pop-up camper

After being covered in spray paint for well over a week I decided it was time to give my lungs and nerves a break and move on to the floors.  The original vinyl was stained, but was still in good shape.  No tears or areas missing.  But we wanted to update it nonetheless.

We debated quite a bit on which way to go with floors.  Since we didn't remove the cabinets we knew we couldn't go with wood because the doors and drawers would be affected.  A sheet of new vinyl seemed the smartest idea, but it did not sound appealing to work with. The next answer was peel and stick vinyl tiles.  We have installed these before with good luck and are incredibly pleased with how well they hold up.

The next choice to make was style - we were instantly drawn to the wood plank tiles from Lowe's that we've worked with before.  Unfortunately, we agreed that the dark brown cabinets and a dark brown floor would be too overwhelming for such a small space.

Though there are a few lighter wood options, we didn't love any of them and moved onto tiles.  After a few different trips to the big box home improvement stores we finally agreed on an Armstrong peel and stick tile from Home Depot.

We purchased two boxes with the thought that there would be a ton of cutting and sadly lots of waste and to have some leftovers, just in case.  We ended up perfectly, with just about 3 tiles left.

If you've never done peel and stick, there's nothing to it!  You need a sharp box cutter, a steel framing square, and a cutting surface.  Prep the old surface by giving it a good scrub.  Some folks use a primer, but I have never felt a need.  You can make a call based on your own research. (This blog post by House of Smiths was our reference when we first started playing around with peel and stick.  I sure love those Smith's, they're awesome.)  Next, pick a corner to start from - I like to work from the most concealed corner outward.  Take your time.  Measure twice, cut once.

The hardest part of course is the fact that the camper is not square!  So quite a few cuts had to be at angles or odd corners.  But once I found my groove, the whole camper took about an afternoon. 

Once the floors were in it FINALLY felt like we were making progress!  The colors of the cabinets and hardware came together perfectly in the color of the tiles and we instantly knew that was the right decision.

Though I still wish the wood planks would have worked, we found a different way to bring in a natural element into the camper.  We will talk about that next time!

If you have any questions about flooring feel free to comment below or contact us!