Replacing the vinyl trim on a pop-up camper

I can't tell you how excited we are to finally have the inside of the camper finished!  We had one last to do list item before it was time to take off for our Fourth of July trip and let me tell you - we finished just in the nick of time!!

Now, if you have an older RV that has been exposed to the elements for long I'm sure your trim might have looked something like ours.  Yellowed, broken, split, dirty.

Honestly, I expected this trim to give me grief and it was pretty much the opposite!  I pulled the old vinyl out using a flat head screwdriver and  needle nose pliers by simply pulling it up and sliding it out the end.  After it was out I did a good deep clean looking for any missing or rotted screws and replaced a few as I came across them.  We also resealed the edges with white RV sealant - which I also highly recommend.

The new trim was purchased at a local RV parts store.  We went with heavy duty, honestly because that's all that was left in stock, but I would still make the same decision.  I feel like it's going to hold up longer.

 I found directions on installation through the forums of Pop-Up Portal.  Which is really just a pinch and push method.  The only tool I used was a flat head screwdriver and only in areas where the metal was warped.   

At the ends, cut your trim a few inches longer and it double it back underneath for a finished look.

This cost about $20 and gave the top of the camper a much fresher look and now we know those screws are protected from the elements.  Total time was about an hour and a half.  
And about two hours if your twins won't stop asking for snacks! 

Questions?  Feel free to contact us or head on over to Pop-Up Portal for a wealth of information!