Replacing the electrical outlets in our RV

Now that the big updates are done, we are turning to the little items.  We decided to replace the electrical outlets for a few reasons.  Honestly, it was mostly for looks.  Everything else has been updated, why not bring in shiny white outlets.  Also, the previous owners had removed the GFCI.  We really felt compelled to put one back in.  

But the best reason of all is GENIUS!

Now here's the genius idea - we installed a built-in NIGHTLIGHT!!  Let's be honest this isn't just for the kids.  This is a gotta pee in the middle of the night, where's my water, what was that noise in the middle of the night light.  Over the course of our past few trips we have continuously noted that this was a great decision. 

We purchased all our new outlets at the Home Depot, the nightlight can be found here.