Replacing cushion covers on our RV

Do you see the end in sight?  I know I do!  Today we're talking about the fun stuff!  Well, at least it's fun to me.  We're talking about the fabric and cushions.

Now as much as I LOVED those 1999 paint splatter cushion covers, they didn't quite go with the new life the pop-up was coming into. 

Now, we will buy a lot of stuff online without issue.  But for this fabric we wanted to be positive we loved it, especially with our super tight timeline for getting the pop-up finished by Fourth of July.  That means the stores in our area were the only options.  I knew the fabric needed to hold up with the kids both in color and in thickness.  We kept with the gray colors because it will blend with dirty feet marks and stuck to duck cloth and/or canvas options including outdoor fabrics.  Then we had to agree... that is not easy!  The agreement came at Jo-Ann's Fabric on a duck cloth.

We agreed this should be the back cushion covers and then find a darker gray for the seats.  Well when you're time constrained and not interested in purchasing online you lose the ability to be picky.  So we found a lighter gray for the seat covers.  Not our first choice, but not a terrible second choice.

As I removed the old covers I was happy to see the foam was still in good shape!!  I took a mental note of the box style cushion cover construction, took a few measurements, and decided I could recreate the same pattern.  Luck was still on my side because lo and behold the zippers were also still in great shape! 

I grabbed an old seam ripper and got started disassembling the zippers.  The process was much easier than I expected and I was so happy to have zippers the exact length I needed without spending any extra money.

In the end, my new covers fit like a glove!!

Again, the colors are not ideal.  But they still look fantastic.

Now, if you're thinking you could never do this because you can't sew, do not count it out too quickly.  These are all just straight lines.  I promise a beginner can make cushion covers!

Questions?  Let me know below!