How NOT to paint a RV fridge

Next on our list was tackling the ugly RV fridge.  Though pop-up camper fridges aren't the greatest, this one still worked well and served a purpose.  Sadly, there was no need to replace it.  So we decided to just go ahead and paint it along with everything else.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get the darn thing out of the cabinet no matter what I tried - I was wasting the little amount of time we had.  I gave up and decided to paint the fridge while it was still in it's cabinet home.

After protecting the surrounding surfaces, I grabbed my trusty silver spray paint and imagined a lovely "stainless steel" look once I was done.  Let me tell you friends, that did NOT happen.  Before I knew it there was bubbling and streaking and running and maybe a few grown-up words.  I tried!  I tried really hard.  I Googled how to fix this!  I sanded and scraped and well... I apologized to my understanding husband for completely screwing up the once better looking fridge.  It was so bad I didn't even take a picture!

The rest of the day I sat brainstorming solutions.  Buying a new fridge still wasn't an option even though I begged.  I had to fix the ugly.  More paint was not the answer.  A texture wasn't the answer.  Then it dawned on me!  The Pop-Up Princess had turned her fridge into an ADORABLE chalkboard.  I could do the same!

Just as the fear of more paint started to creep up on me I remembered seeing chalkboard Con-Tact paper once!  I seriously LOVE Con-Tact paper.

WOO HOO!Amazon to the rescue! $3.99 extra for next-day shipping and I was in business!!  The 18" height fit perfectly and all I needed was little more patience and a box cutter.

I'll be honest - does it look perfect? NO!!  Does it look 1,000 times better than the horrible silver paint disaster?  YES!!  In most lighting you can see the horrible indent on the left side from my painting issues.

But when I stand on one leg with both eyes squinted at night.  It looks PERFECT and it makes me happy.  I'm even learning to draw some super cute pictures on it for the kids.  And seriously, they LOVE it!  And seriously, my husband just looks at me like let's not do that again!  And I totally agree with him!

So friends - here's how to not make the same mistakes I did:

  • Buy a new fridge!  Just kidding!
  • Deal with the ugly fridge
  • Take your time while spray painting
  • Start with a good primer first - my fridge did not have a good coat of primer before I started
  • Thin, even layers of spray paint
  • If it all possible, work on a flat horizontal surface

Now that fridge disaster was sidelined, I was able to calm down a little and focus my attention on the flooring.  I am so sick of spray paint that it may take awhile before I pick up another can!