Our pop-up camper inspiration

When browsing Pinterest for pop-up camper remodel inspiration it's easy to see a theme of color.  Retro patterns, bright and cheery, altogether colorful.  Bold people pulling their pop-up's out of the dark decades of the past and making it their own.  And I say YES! cover your cushions in red and white polka dots and don't let anyone tell you it's out of the box!  I love it! Unfortunately, I live in a world of messy little boys and one picky husband.  Seriously, we have been continuously shopping for a couch for the past 6 years people!!  SIX YEARS!  And we still can't agree.  The picky husband doesn't like florals, pinks, purples, reds, oranges, yellows, large patterns, and definitely nothing girly.  And the messy boy issue means we can have nothing light colored.  White cabinets are out.

So as we continued browsing for inspiration we came across Cyndie's pop-up remodel via The PopUp Princess and we both instantly fell in love!


The rich colors reminded us of the Kodiak Ultimate we fell in love with at the Denver RV Show.

Once we had our focus is was time to get started.  The paint was easy.  The fabric not so much...