Campground Rules

The written and unwritten campground rules you may have forgotten - Campfire Travelers
The written and unwritten campground rules you may have forgotten - Campfire Travelers

Today we're talking about the written and unwritten rules of campground life.  The newbies need to be in the know and the experienced sometimes need to be reminded.  No matter what, it's always good to play nice and follow the rules.

Written Rules

  1. Quiet Hours - seriously be polite - you don't know who has little kids that don't sleep well or who has a long drive tomorrow
  2. Speed - slow down - you do not want to be the person who hits a dog or a child because you were in a hurry
  3. Trash - pickup after yourself and throw away your trash in the dumpster and not in your campfire
  4. Animals - pickup after your pets, try your best to keep them quiet and safe
  5. Campfires - do not leave them unattended - do you know how many devastating forest fires start because of careless campers?
  6. Watch your children - Generally, it's okay to let the kids roam as long as you can see them, but it's better to be safe than sorry
  7. Stick to your site - don't overlap into your neighbor's campsite because you don't care or don't pay attention
  8. Don't walk through someone else's campsite - it's the same as walking through you neighbors tulip bed - respect property
  9. Pay for your site - come on, you know you'll get caught

Unwritten Rules

  1. Respect the written rules!  Do you think one or two of them are stupid?  Great!  That's your opinion - respect them or move on.
  2. Be friendly - campgrounds are a social place to talk about where you're from and what kind of rig you've got (or want), so if you are anti-social then ask for a spot in a secluded corner of the campground
  3. Let Grandma be your guide - follow Grandma's 'old-fashioned' rules and you'll be just fine
  4. Let the Boy Scouts be your guide - follow their environmentally friendly ways and you'll be just fine
  5. Be smart with your food - especially when you're in wild animal territory it is important to keep it sealed and away
  6. RV owners/renters - don't be careless with your gray and (especially) black water - dump them appropriately.  And please don't run your generator all night
  7. Check firewood rules - many states prohibit firewood from other states because of bugs and diseases

Don't forget to have fun!  We have seen too many people take camping way too seriously.  Just relax and have a good time.

What else did we forget?  Continue the conversation in the comments below!