Spot The Scotts - More from the Liebster Awards Q&A


A few weeks ago we talked about the Liebster Blogging award that has been making it's way through new blogs for a few years now.  We answered a few questions and then asked a few more to some of our favorite new-ish bloggers.  Our favorite adventuring couple "Spot The Scotts" have some pretty great answers to the questions we asked!  You should definitely go check them out!!

1) Tell us about your blog name?


Everything originates from our Facebook page and Instagram. We originally started it just planning to travel a little here and there. We just thought it would be cute for people to “Spot the Scotts” kinda like a Where’s Waldo or Carmen Sandiego situation LOL. We love the name and have now used it on everything. It’s great, until you try to say your email address over the phone, and no one understands it.


2)What’s your story?


Well THAT’s a big question! We will stick to recent history, since we got married in November 2014 and became “The Scotts” . . .


And follow them on InstagramHERE.