How do you plan your camping trip?


What kind of camping trip planner are you?

Do you pinpoint a destination and then find a camping spot and things to do around that destination?

Do you find the campground first?

Do you blindly pick a spot on the map and head there?

Do you rely on recommendations?

No matter how you start planning there is bound to be adventure!

How do you plan your camping trips?
How do you plan your camping trips?

We always find ourselves searching for new camping adventures in many different ways -

1. When we're desperate for a last minute getaway we look at distance first - what's within 300 miles of our house?  Where can we stay?  What can we do?  That's how we've come to fall in the love with small towns!

2. Every year we plan one big camping trip to a destination (this year it's the Black Hills of South Dakota) - knowing the specific destination helps because the hardest part is done and we just have to narrow down a few choices.  And then change our mind again... like we're in the process of doing right now.

3. Every once in awhile an event will draw us to our destination!  At that point it's a matter of finding an appropriate campground nearby.  For example, we went to the Strawberry Days Festival in Glenwood Springs, CO a few years ago and we could have stayed close, but instead chose to drive a little further and had a cozy campsite at the Carbondale/Crystal River KOAjust a few steps from the river.

4. Weather is also a big factor in our camping plans - we have some rules for comfort, mostly for the kids (and our ears) - we won't camp until the nighttime lows are higher than 45ºF and at the other end we don't usually go above 95ºF during the daytime highs.  Luckily, we have the Rocky Mountains in our backyard and can head "up the hill" when the weather gets hot.  Sometimes weather can drive you somewhere you would never expect!

5. Travel books, campground guides, and blogs.  Every once in awhile we'll be browsing and come across a place that screams COME VISIT! so that's just what we do.  We discovered theFt. Collins/Lakeside KOA this way.

Tell us!  How do you plan your camping trips??