15 ways to honor Memorial Day across the country

It is our duty as parents and mentors to teach our children what today really means - not a day off of school or a BBQ with the neighbors - today is the day we honor thousands of lives lost to protect our land, our freedom, and the country we often take for granted. I saw this post by the National Park Service and I was immediately impressed with all the ways in which we can honor the fallen today.  I encourage you to read this article, grab the kids and get involved - even if one of these ideas is not in your area I am sure you can find something!

15 Ways to Observe Memorial Day In National Parks

By: Rocío Lower

This month, we will take time to pause and remember the men and women who, as President Lincoln put it, “gave the last full measure of devotion” in service of this great country. During Memorial Day weekend, we invite you to join us in our national parks as we take a moment to celebrate the brave memories of our fallen military personnel.

The National Park Service preserves the sites and shares the stories of important chapters in our nation’s history. These special places – including forts, battlefields, military parks, monuments, and memorials – stand so that we may reflect upon the circumstances that led our countrymen to answer the call of duty in pursuit of our freedom.

Dating back to the opening days of the French & Indian War at Fort Necessity National Battlefield (Pennsylvania); to the valor of the first African American pilots who fought in WWII, memorialized at Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site (Alabama); to the bravery of ordinary passengers and crew members who joined together for an extraordinary act of selflessness, remembered at Flight 93 National Memorial (Pennsylvania) – our national parks protect our past, our heritage, and the diversity of narratives that have brought us to this day.

In observance of Memorial Day, spend some time learning about, or revisiting, the incredible stories held in perpetuity within our national parks. You can celebrate the holiday weekend by…

1. Helping to raise the Avenue of Flags in the national cemetery at Andersonville National Historic Site (Georgia)

Andersonville National Historic Site (NPS)

2. Joining ranger tours and cemetery programs at Antietam National Battlefield (Maryland)

3. Touring the bunkers on Point Loma with WWII re-enactors at Cabrillo National Monument (California)

4. Visiting an active U.S. Coast Guard Station and learning about the long and heroic history of the US Coast Guard at Cape Hatt...

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