Why you need to go spring camping

Why we love spring camping
Why we love spring camping

Summer is without a doubt the best time to camp.  The weather is warm and inviting.  And of course, summer offers the freedom to roam.  And for some, it's just tradition.  But there has always been a soft spot in our hearts for spring camping.  You've survived the winter and you're itching for that first trip out - you're checking the overnight temperatures to see if they're too low, you're stalking the kids' school calendar for a 3-day weekend and dusting off the tent.  There's adventure in spring camping and today we're sharing our favorite things about it:

  1. NO BUGS!
  2. Less crowded campground
  3. Lower site rates
  4. No sweating
  5. Experience the spring bloom
  6. No fuss getaway
  7. More campfires
  8. Less to plan
  9. Better chance of getting a reservation
  10. Good time to inventory before summer
  11. Perfect cure for cabin fever
  12. Spring Break fun
  13. An opportunity for flexibility
  14. Sunburns are rare
  15. Dream up plans for summer

And that's only a start!  Just remember - don't forget your coat!