Spring Break Camping

Campfire Travelers - Is it summer yet?
Campfire Travelers - Is it summer yet?

Maybe it's the piles of snow in our front yard or the fact that we can't even believe it's March to begin with, but wow Spring Break really snuck up on us.  So here we are trying to figure out what the heck we're going to do, because Lord knows that cabin fever has set in  for all 5 of us!  Luckily, a quick little camping trip is an easy answer.

We really only have two rules - somewhere warmer (fingers crossed) and somewhere within about a 3 hour drive.  So the warmer thing rules out anywhere in the mountains.   That leaves us heading way West or in the Eastern Plains of Colorado.  Well, here are some ideas of what we've been toying around with:

La Junta, CO - this would be a quiet little trip and we really have a heart for small towns.

  • La Junta KOA sounds like a nice little campground that has had some improvements made lately.  The best part it's only $55.00/night for a 2 bedroom camping cabin (minus our 10% discount off for being a VKR member)
  • Visit Bent's Old Fort, Santa Fe Trail, check out some dinosaur foot prints and explore the local area.
  • There a few restaurants and I'm pretty sure we can bank on some awesome Mexican food!

Ft. Collins, CO - so it's not south, but we love Ft. Collins, so it's usually on our list.

  • Ft. Collins/Lakeside KOA also has a 2 bedroom camping cabin for $80.00/night (also minus the 10% discount) with lake views.  We have really been wanting to stay here for a few years now.  It looks a great campground with a playground our boys would love and is centrally located.  Ironically, we can't ever tent camp here because they don't allow more than 4 people on a tent site and since our family is 5 people, a cabin is the only option until we get an RV.
  • Though we've spent time in Ft. Collins, we still haven't seen everything - Ft. Collins Museum of DiscoveryThe Bellvue-Watson Fish Hatchery where you can feed the fish, and we always talk about how our time in Old Town has been very limited.  We also wouldn't mind doing another brewery tour - New Belgium is top of our list.
  • Eating well in Ft. Collins is never an issue!  They have amazing restaurants including Austin's which our Austin thinks is the best in town.  He might be a little biased.
Austin's in Ft. Collins, CO
Austin's in Ft. Collins, CO

Grand Junction, CO is last, but not least.  It is definitely out of that 3 hour driving window, however the change in scenery is definitely worth the extra drive.

  • The Grand Junction KOA has the same 2 bedroom camping cabin for only $62.49/night (again minus our VKR discount).  This campground has great reviews and even a few things the kids can do.
  • Sightseeing in Western Slope can keep you busy for awhile - Colorado National Monument,theGrand Mesa, and the Museum of Western Coloradoare all amazing.
  • With Grand Junction being a larger city I'm sure we can find something great to eat.

So now it's time to decide.  Maybe we can leave it up to the kids?  Either way we will have a great time because we'll be together, experiencing new things, and having fun!  But seriously where should we go?  Spring Break is in less than 3 weeks!