Don't forget the baby wipes when you go camping!

Campfire Travelers - Our must-have camping item
Campfire Travelers - Our must-have camping item

A few days ago Coleman was asking their social media followers what is your best camping tip?  There were great answers - good weather, lots of firewood, great friends, don't set your tent down on an ant hill.  And then I piped up with don't forget baby wipes!  That's when it occurred to me that people without babies might not understand just how valuable baby wipes can be.  We haven't had little boys in diapers in about 3 years now, but we always have baby wipes on hand, especially when we go camping.

And here's why:

  1. Table(cloth) cleaner
  2. First-aid needs
  3. Makeup remover
  4. Sticky fingers
  5. Quick dash cleaner
  6. Bug smoosher
  7. Wipe dirty (or smelly) feet before they go in a sleeping bag
  8. Messy face wipe
  9. Eye mask
  10. Remove small stains from clothing
  11. Booger wipe
  12. Just in case you run out of TP
  13. Spilled drink cleaner
  14. Under arm refresher
  15. Cools a sunburn
  16. Emergency cleaner for eyeglasses and sunglasses (it tends to streak)
  17. Works well with nail polish remover
  18. Dirty dog paws
  19. Clean cup holders in the car
  20. Quick refreshing cleanup when showers aren't nearby
  21. Clean the cooler inside and out
  22. Makeup brush cleaner
  23. Kids love cleaning their toys with baby wipes
  24. Scrub shoes and boots
  25. Dust your equipment after windy weather
  26. Wipe down bathroom counter before you set your stuff down
  27. Clean the top of cans before opening
  28. Wash your hands before eating
  29. Clean your sports equipment - balls, fishing poles, hiking gear, etc.
  30. Portable
  31. Cheaper than other wet wipes and you get more

These are just a few of the ideas I came up with.  The ideas are really limitless.  As with any camping item, you'll need to dispose properly of the wipes when you're done.  And never flush them.

What are your other creative uses for baby wipes in the outdoors?

Mandy @ Campfire Travelers
Mandy @ Campfire Travelers